Boat Ramp Conditions


This page will be updated as more information becomes available. Consult the table at the bottom of this page for info on specific state park boat ramps.

Water level and boat ramp at Millsite State Park, May 2021

Water levels at many Utah state parks are experiencing extreme lows. When reservoirs reach these levels, some parks are forced to close their boat launch ramps in order to help better protect visitors and their property.

Low water levels may also expose additional navigation hazards and decrease the overall amount of boatable water. As such, it is essential that boaters remain vigilant and follow Utah’s boating laws, rules, and safety practices. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking reservoir and boat ramp status before getting on the road. Impacted launch ramps and low reservoirs may increase wait times.
  • Operating at a wakeless speed within 150-feet of another vessel, fishing dock, swimmer, etc.
  • Following the rules on common waterway markers
  • Ensuring children are wearing appropriate USCG approved life jackets and you are following all life jacket laws
  • Ensuring children have taken appropriate education courses before operating a vessel
  • Not operating a vessel under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Avoid boating at night. It is always extremely dangerous and should be avoided if possible
  • Not swimming around boats that have engines or generators running due to the risk of propeller cuts and carbon monoxide poisoning

Click here to learn more about Utah’s boating laws and rules.

Utah State Park Boat Ramp Conditions
These are for Utah State Parks Maintained Ramps Only

Updated: Aug. 15, 2022; 10:17 p.m.

Before loading your boat and heading to your favorite state park reservoir for a day on the water, please consult the table below to stay informed on boat ramp conditions. For additional information, you can click on a state park’s name to view that specific park’s current conditions and contact information.

Table Key:
Open — The boat ramp remains open in its normal capacity.
Advisory — The boat ramp may be operating at a reduced capacity or may be at risk of closing soon. Click the park name to learn more.
Closed — The boat ramp is currently closed to the public for motorized launching due to low water levels. Use launch ramp, docks, and reservoir at your own risk.


 Park Name Boat Ramp Name Status
Antelope Island State Park
Davis County
Antelope Island Main Ramp Closed
Bear Lake State Park
Rich County
Bear Lake Marina Open
Rendezvous Beach Closed
First Point Advisory
Cisco Beach Open
Rainbow Cove Advisory
Deer Creek State Park
Wasatch County
Deer Creek Main Ramp Open
Island Park Ramp Open
East Canyon State Park
Morgan County
East Canyon Main Ramp Open
Echo State Park
Summit County
Echo Main Ramp Closed
Escalante Petrified Forest State Park
(Wide Hollow Reservoir)
Garfield County
Escalante Park Ramp Open
Fred Hayes State Park at Starvation
Duchesne County
Fred Hayes at Starvation Ramp Open
Great Salt Lake State Park
Salt Lake County
GSL Main Ramp Closed
GSL Marina Main Ramp Closed
Green River State Park
Emery County
Park Ramp to Green River Open
Gunlock State Park
Washington County
Gunlock Main Ramp Open
Huntington State Park
Emery County
Huntington Main Ramp Open
Hyrum State Park
Cache County
Hyrum Main Ramp Open
Jordanelle State Park
Wasatch County
Jordanelle Main Ramp (Hailstone) Open
Personal Watercraft Ramp (Hailstone) Open
Rock Cliff Ramp Closed
Ross Creek (non-motorized only) Closed
Millsite State Park
Emery County
Millsite Main Ramp Open
Otter Creek State Park
Piute County
Otter Creek Main Ramp Open
Palisade State Park
Sanpete County
Palisade Main Ramp Open
Piute State Park
Piute County
Piute Main Ramp Closed
Quail Creek State Park
Washington County
Quail Creek North Ramp Open
Quail Creek South Ramp Closed
Red Fleet State Park
Uintah County
Red Fleet Main Ramp Advisory
Rockport State Park
Summit County
Rockport Main Ramp Open
Sand Hollow State Park
Washington County
Sand Hollow Westside Ramp (Main) Open
Scofield State Park
Carbon County
Scofield – Mountain View Ramp Open
Scofield – Madsen Bay Ramp Open
Steinaker State Park
Uintah County
Steinaker Main Ramp Open
Utah Lake State Park
Utah County
Utah Lake Northwest Open
Utah Lake North Center Open
Utah Lake Northeast Open
Utah Lake South Ramp (Marina) Open
Provo River Ramp Open
Willard Bay State Park
Box Elder County
Willard Bay North Marina Closed
Willard Bay South Marina Closed
Yuba State Park
Juab Counties
Yuba Main Ramp (Oasis) Closed
Painted Rocks Closed



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