Outfitter & Guide Requirements and Legal Responsibilities

Utah Requirements for Outfitting Companies:

  • Register annually
  •  Have a current business license
  •  Trip authorization permits (contract to access and perform business on public land)
  • Have current liability insurance at levels required by the access permitting agency
  •  Have a drug-free workplace policy
  • Designate and provide a list of company agents (someone to act in behalf of the company)
  • Certify following (before trip leaders & guides carry passengers)
    • Each trip leader and guide must:
      •  Obtain the required levels of vessel operation and training
      •  Obtain the appropriate first aid and CPR certificates
  • Ensure that trip manifests are created and provided to the trip leader and a copy is retained on file at the business location for six years
  • Ensure that the trip leader performs a vessel safety check and passenger orientation prior to embarking
  •  Maintain each vessel in its fleet according to good marine practices and standards
  • Maintain a file of maintenance and inspections performed on each vessel for the duration of the vessel’s operation plus six years
  • Perform an annual inspection of each vessel
  • Outfitting companies with larger, motorized vessels will also need to participate in a five-year inspection program performed by a trained inspector representing the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation
  • For a more detailed description, please refer to Utah Administrative Code R651-206


First Aid & CPR Standards 

Outfitting companies are responsible for researching current first aid and CPR courses that meet the National Emergency Medical Services Educational Standards. See the link below to compare the course your guides must have to carry passengers for hire.

Click HERE for the National EMS Education Standards. (Used for companies to help qualify their guides)


Role of the Certifying Agent

An agent of the registered outfitting company shall certify that each trip leader or guide sponsored by the company has:

  • Obtained the minimum levels of required vessel operation experience corresponding to the type of license or permit applied for; and
  • Obtained the appropriate first-aid and CPR certificates.

**The State of Utah no longer certifies and licenses guides or boat captains.**


The Vessel Inspection Program

Vessel Inspection Forms

Resources & Study Guides


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