Outfitting Company and Boat Livery Licensing

What is an Outfitting Company or Boat Livery?


Outfitting Company: Any person who, for consideration: provides equipment to transport persons on all waters of this state; and supervises a person who operates a vessel to transport passengers; or leads a person on a vessel.

    • What are some examples of an Outfitting Company?
      • Lake or river fishing guide, operating a service from a boat
      • A whitewater river rafting guide
      • Wakeboard instructor with operation service from a motorboat.
      • Stand-up paddle board (SUP), kayak, canoe tours or lessons

Outfitter & Guide Requirements and Legal Responsibilities

Boat Livery: A person that holds a vessel for renting or leasing.

    • What are some examples of a livery?
      • Concessionaire at a recreational area that has boats, PWCs, paddle craft, etc.
      • Tube rentals for a river float trip.
      • Classified or application listings offering commercial or private vessels for rent, lease, or timeshare.

Livery (Rental Company) Requirements and Legal Responsibilities

Person: An individual; an association; an institution; a corporation; a company; a trust; a limited liability company; a partnership; a political subdivision; a government office, department, division, bureau, or other body of government and; any other organization or entity.

Consideration: Something of value given or done in exchange for something given or done by another. Consideration also includes but is not limited to “commercial gain and commercial activity, as defined in Utah Admin Code R651-601-11 and -12.

Note: Permission is needed from the manager of the body of water where you want to provide services. Any type of commercial activity within a federal, state park or recreation area, including operating a boat rental “livery” or delivering equipment for visitors to use, requires written authorization.


Why it’s important to register:

      • It’s the law!
      • Boats can be less forgiving than land-based travel. All other modes of transportation that carry passengers for hire have inspection programs.
      • Vessel Inspection programs are a reasonable solution to ensure public safety.
      • Our goal is to work collaboratively with outfitting companies to provide the public with safe and meaningful experiences on Utah’s waterways.
      • Reduced liability and increase the safety of passengers/customers.

Our goal is to work together with outfitting companies to provide the public with safe and meaningful experiences on Utah’s waterways!


General Questions
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