Utah’s Outdoor Adventure Commission

Utah's Outdoor Adventure Commission

In 2020, the Utah Legislature created the Outdoor Adventure Commission (OAC) to develop a strategic plan to meet the future needs of outdoor recreation in Utah. The OAC is comprised of 14 members from key sectors of Utah’s recreation economy. 

Slated to be unveiled in the summer of 2023, the Outdoor Recreation Statewide Strategic Plan will include recommendations on enhancing Utahns’ quality of life, preserving the state’s natural beauty as more people enjoy the outdoors, and identifying opportunities for sustainable revenue sources to provide for maintenance and future needs. The plan will outline short-term investment needs, a mid-term strategy for funding, organization and management of Utah’s outdoor recreation assets, and long-term priorities for continued investment in outdoor recreation assets. 

The OAC is currently collecting information on recreation assets and inventory from statewide regional workshops that include input from state and local agencies, community leaders, residents, and more to help develop the statewide strategic plan. 


Click here for OAC public notices, agendas, and meeting materials.

Board Members –

    1. Jeff Stenquist, OAC Chair, Utah State Representative
    2. Kirk Cullimore, Utah State Senator
    3. Vicki Varela, Director, Utah Office of Tourism
    4. Jason Curry, Director, Division of Outdoor Recreation 
    5. Michelle McConkie, Executive Director, Trust Lands Administration
    6. Logan Wilde, Managing Partner, M.R. Wilde and Sons
    7. Jeff Hartley, Partner, Sage Government Solutions
    8. Kelly Goonan, Associate Professor and Program Director, Outdoor Recreation in Parks and Tourism, Southern Utah University
    9. Pitt Grewe, Head of Parks Partnerships, AllTrails
    10. Scott Strong, Deputy Director, Utah State Parks
    11. Josh Van Jura, Utah Department of Transportation
    12. Brandy Grace, Utah Association of Counties
    13. Jerry Taylor, Garfield County Commissioner, Utah Association of Counties
    14. Kate Bradshaw, Bountiful City County, Utah League of Cities and Towns


    1. Shane Stroud, Assistant Attorney General
    2. Chase Pili, OHV Program Manager, Division of Outdoor Recreation
    3. Ty Hunter, Boating Coordinator, Division of Outdoor Recreation

  1. Staff Contact: Carly Lansche, Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation 



For current board openings and more information, click here. 


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