Boating Education

Learn the Ropes. Take a Course.
Education for all ages is highly recommended. Know before you go.
**Utah requires a mandatory youth certification course for Personal Watercraft (PWC).**

What You Need To Know

Utah Boating Regulations & Course Certifications
Don’t wave your right to the best boating experience of your life.
Navigate your correct course. It’s a matter of age. Find the answers below to the age-old certifications needed.

All boaters — whether you are a Utah resident or nonresident — must take the annual Utah mussel-aware boater course and have proof of course completion in your launch vehicle. This includes users of all kinds of watercraft, including motorized boats and human-powered kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, etc. To learn more, visit

Chart Your Course:

Mandatory Youth Personal Watercraft (PWC) Certification Ages 12-17.
Adult Education Courses (Ages 17 and older).
Test Your Boating IQ
Aquatic Invasive Species Education Course


General Questions
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