Outdoor Recreation Law Enforcement

Outdoor Recreation Rangers

The Divison of Outdoor Recreation’s team of 14 dedicated outdoor recreation law enforcement rangers works tirelessly to ensure that everyone can access and enjoy Utah’s stunning outdoor recreational areas safely and responsibly. With specialized boat, OHV and snowmobile patrols, we prioritize safety by providing education and enforcement in recreation hotspots that are not State Parks, ensuring enthusiasts understand regulations and practice responsible recreation. With a growing presence across the state, our rangers are strategically stationed in Lake Powell, Moab, Cedar City, Wasatch Back, Wasatch Front and Weber to cover Utah’s unique and diverse landscape.

Additionally, our outdoor recreation rangers play a vital role in supporting major events that draw large crowds to Utah’s outdoor playgrounds, including Little Sahara’s Easter Weekend and Flaming Gorge’s 4th of July celebrations.

Training offered to agencies

  • Operator training: OHV, snowmobile, and boating
  • Patrol Tactics Training: OHV, Snowmobile, and boating (hands-on, patrol scenario, and tactics)
  • Seated battery, standardized field sobriety tests
  • Nationally certified instructors for boating & seated battery (NASBLA)

Outdoor Recreation ROV Team

As it is critical to utilize every possible asset available to ensure a safe and successful search and rescue (SAR) operation, the Division of Outdoor Recreation created a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) team of trained experts and two state-of-the-art ROVs to assist with  the frequent and challenging SAR recovery operations throughout Utah.

The ROVs are highly maneuverable underwater vehicles equipped with high-definition cameras and multi-beam sonar to provide operators with a live view of the underwater environment. They are optimized to work in low to zero visibility conditions. The team can record both videos and sonar imagery to assist in investigations. A “grabber claw” can secure items and/or persons and pull them to the surface without placing a diver in harm’s way.

The ROV team is a critical asset to the entire state, assisting in operations from Flaming Gorge to Lake Powell. Most importantly, the ROV technology has allowed DOR to provide closure to families who have lost loved ones.



Links to Utah Department of Natural Resources law enforcement policy documents:

For any questions regarding tickets and violations, CLICK HERE, or contact the court listed on your ticket that will decide your case.


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