Statewide Trail Crew

Utah's Statewide Trail Crew

The Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation’s Trail Crew was established statewide in 2023 and is dedicated to the long-term sustainability of outdoor recreation infrastructure across Utah. The program focuses on maintaining, enhancing, and ensuring the resilience of recreational assets throughout all of Utah’s communities.


Over the past five years, outdoor recreation grants and programs have significantly contributed to Utah’s community development. Millions have benefited from these projects, allowing widespread access to outdoor recreation. However, with this growth comes the need for ongoing maintenance and support.

Utah’s Statewide Trail Crew aims to empower communities and partners, aiding them in becoming more self-reliant and efficient in sustaining their recreation assets. Our approach is not just to build, but to foster a culture of maintenance and stewardship.



Our Statewide Trail Crew operates across four regions in Utah – Northern, Western, Southern, and Eastern – each with its unique geographical features and recreational needs. This regional approach allows us to focus our efforts and resources efficiently, ensuring every part of the state benefits from sustainable recreational infrastructure.

Within these four regions, our Trail Crew is committed to specific priorities that align with our goal of sustainable and accessible outdoor recreation. These priorities include:

    1. Long-Term Maintenance: Guiding rural and growing communities to develop long-term maintenance plans
    2. Community Empowerment: Training locals to manage and maintain trails, ensuring sustainable upkeep
    3. Collaboration: Working alongside federal land partners to address maintenance backlogs
    4. Winter Maintenance: Overseeing the operation and maintenance of 600+ miles of snow trails


Job and Volunteer Opportunities

We offer various job and volunteer opportunities for those passionate about outdoor recreation and stewardship.


Region-Wide Seasonal Trail Crew Positions

We are currently hiring region-wide seasonal trail crew positions for May through Oct. 2024. This position’s duties may include construction, repair and maintenance of various trails, including OHV, motorized, non-motorized, and wilderness areas. Heavy physical labor is required with projects in mountainous, desert, and riparian terrain. Candidates must carry up to 50 lbs., work in the backcountry, camp, and travel by OHV. Experience with mechanized trail maintenance is a plus, and training is available. If you are interested or want more info, email Mike Thomas at or Madison Snyder at


Contact Information

Trail Crew Program Manager

Mike Thomas

📞 801.503.4188



Trail Crew Logistics Coordinator

Jayden Whitaker

📞 801.349.0487



Regional Foremen

North Region – 

Tara Dole

📞 801.707.3524



Central Region –

Nathan Conder

📞 435.201.9536



Southwest Region – 

Ronny Cooper

📞 435.348.1579



Southeast Region – 

Mark Thornberry

📞 385.408.7950


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