Utah’s Outdoor Companies

Utah’s an 84,899 square-mile high-end outdoor products testing lab. Many outdoor products companies already call Utah home, and our door’s always open to new opportunities.

Live, Work & Play

Companies that manufacture outdoor products have found Utah an extremely attractive place to locate business operations because of the state’s pro-business environment, easy access to the outdoors, and high quality of life.

They enjoy Utah’s strong economic advantages, including a skilled and educated workforce, a low cost of doing business, fewer regulations, and low taxes. Utah’s four-season mountain and active lifestyle add considerably to the appeal.

Utah also offers the perfect research and development proving ground for outdoor products. Immediate access to outdoor recreation areas means you can do plenty of hands-on product development right where the products are being designed and manufactured.

Not only is Utah a great place to beta test outdoor products, but it also offers easy access to business, political, education, and social contacts. Best of all, Utah is one of the few places where one can ski, climb, or bike and meet with clients all on the same day.