The Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation (DOR) is awarding over $20 million in grants to enhance outdoor recreation opportunities throughout Utah – the most to date awarded by the state.

The division will award more than $16 million in Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant (UORG) funds to 90 outdoor recreation infrastructure projects in 24 counties across Utah, and $4.2 million in Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Recreation grants to 51 OHV-related projects in 28 counties.

“We are thrilled to invest more than $20 million in Utah’s communities and outdoor recreation opportunities,” said Jason Curry, Director of the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation. “The grants will enhance the quality of life for Utahns and visitors alike and will continue to bolster Utah as a premier outdoor recreation destination in the world. Utah is leading the way in how we invest, support and plan for one of our greatest resources, access to our natural spaces.”

The OHV Recreation grants support projects that improve OHV trails, increase user access, promote safety and education, and enhance the overall OHV experience for Utah residents and visitors. Meanwhile, the UORG funds are used to support a variety of outdoor recreation projects and initiatives, such as park development, trail maintenance and conservation efforts.

In addition to infrastructure for water recreation, OHV use, climbing, and other recreational activities, this year’s grant funding will help restore nearly 800 miles of existing, multi-use trail and help build nearly 150 miles of new, multi-use trails throughout the state.

The grants will benefit communities across Utah, from rural areas to urban centers. The projects supported by the grants are expected to provide a boost to local economies, as well as enhance the state’s reputation as a premier outdoor recreation destination.